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Arabian Stallion Approved as Trakehner Sire


            The American Trakehner Association (ATA) has approved a purebred Arabian stallion for its pilot breeding program. The stallion is Aul Magic+/  (Aulrab x Magic Alarieha), owned by Legendary Arabians of Caliente, California.

                        Aul Magic+/, a flashy golden chestnut with stockings and a blaze, became the second

Arabian stallion to be approved as a sire of purebred Trakehners under the ATA’s pilot breeding program. This temporary measure was designed to admit a small number of superior Arabian and Thoroughbred stallions into the American Trakehner stud book.  As an approved sire, Aul Magic+/’s offspring from ATA-approved mares can be registered as American Trakehner horses in the ATA's official registry book and will be eligible for inspection for acceptance into the official American Trakehner studbook.

            To qualify as a sire of purebred Trakehners, Aul Magic+/ went through the same inspection that Trakehner stallions undergo before they can be certified as breeding stock. The inspection provides an objective evaluation, insuring that only the best stallions are allowed to breed. According to the ATA website, only two out of 100 colts are approved by the Stallion Certification Commission.

            The Commission consists of four evaluators (three appointed by the ATA and the fourth from the German Verband) who examine each stallion for breed type, masculine characteristics, conformation, correctness, regularity and  impulsion in the walk, trot and canter, and jumping technique. The inspection consists of a veterinary examination for soundness, a liberty demonstration, an in-hand presentation on the triangle at the walk and trot, and free jumping over three obstacles up to 3'3" high.

            The spokesman for the Commission explained why they had approved Aul Magic+/ to sire Trakehners. "When he started moving, the horse just bloomed for us,” he stated. “We felt that he might impart something in

movement to the breed.”

             “We look at quite a few Arabian stallions.... It is very, very difficult to find an elastic Arabian anywhere in the world and, in this day and age in North America, to find one that has a reasonably sloping croup. But here is a horse where the angle from the hip to the buttocks is the proper 30-degree slope, and that is what enables him to reach underneath himself and push himself up in the front.

            “He also has proper knee action, as well as a good walk and canter. When he changed [leads] . . . it was all fluid. We think that he could actually add a lot of movement to horses that need movement, and [add refinement] to mares that are perhaps a bit coarse.”

            “His athletic movement and his quick learning ability carried this horse into the approval. The horse had never been over obstacles. They took him through once and he learned what he had to do and he went straightaway. We think he is an intelligent horse. He learns quickly. We also liked his character and temperament.”

            Aul Magic+/ was bred by Warren Park Stud  in Sanger, CA., where the breeding program emphasizes natural elastic movement as well as intelligence and gentle, willing dispositions. He was carefully linebred by his breeder, Sandy Warren, so that he would not only have spectacular movement but be prepotent in passing it on.

            Aul Magic+/ is the product of a long line of Arabian show champions known for their extravagant movement. His sire Aulrab, grandsires Aurab and *Lewisfield Magic, and granddam Alarieha were all champions in English Pleasure and Park classes. His pedigree is a study in the great moving horses from Crabbet Park Stud of England: *Nasik, Mesaoud, Rodania and Basilisk are just a few of his famous ancestors.

            In bloodlines, Aul Magic+/ is 100% CMK (tracing to the Crabbet, Maynesboro, and Kellogg Studs) and 82% Crabbet, with a heavy concentration of the Crabbet Stud’s  foundation bloodlines. He is truly representative of the great moving horses exported from the Crabbet Park Stud to countries such as Russia and Poland, where they helped produce some of the Arabian breed’s all-time greats.

                        Aul Magic+/’s personal history resembles a storybook tale. He was already 14 years

old when Betsy Teeter and Sharon Byford-Ruth purchased him four years ago, having spent most of his life in Idaho before returning to his original breeder. During those years, Aul Magic was bred on a very limited basis and had virtually no training.

            At age 15, he was started under saddle by Betsy. Aul Magic+/ began professional training with Patience Prine-Carr in August, 2000. That November, he and Patience began their extraordinary show career together, winning two Reserve Championships at the Grand National Show in San Francisco in Country English Pleasure and English Show Hack  At the same show, he was shown in Native Costume. The colorful costume was complete with the usual flopping tassels and flowing robes. Although Aul Magic+/ had never worn the tack until shortly before his class, the fact that he took it all in stride-and won the class--is a testament to his intelligence and adaptability.

            In February 2001, at age 16, Aul Magic+/ swept the Sport Horse and Dressage classes at the prestigious Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in Arizona. There, he won championships in First Level Dressage, Second Level Dressage, Sport Horse Under Saddle and Sport Horse In-Hand classes under several different judges. In two in-hand classes, he was awarded 9 and 9.5 points for movement by judge Hilda Gurney, former Olympic rider.

            Throughout 2001, Aul Magic+/ continued winning numerous blue ribbons and championships in Side Saddle, Dressage, English Show Hack and Native Costume. He won Regional Championships (in three different regions) in Dressage, Sport Horse In-Hand and English Show Hack. Finally, at the U.S. National Championship Arabian Show, he was U.S.  National Reserve Champion in both First and Second Level Dressage.

            In California, Aul Magic+/ also won first place ribbons in open Dressage competitions. In September, he was High Point Champion at the Central Coast Dressage Classic, earning a 73.714 score in First Level Dressage. He was the only purebred Arabian entered.

            The year 2001 ended with Aul Magic+/ winning the USDF All Breeds Awards in both First and Second Level Dressage for Arabians, as well as the USA Equestrian (AHSA) Dressage Horse of the Year Award for Arabians.

            "We are extremely pleased that the ATA Commission thought so highly of Aul Magic+/,” says Betsy. “We are confident that he can have a positive impact on the Trakehner breed, and we look forward to his first Trakehner foals with great anticipation.”


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